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    How do I handle anxiety after a traumatic experience?

    I suffered my first attack in May 2011 3 months after I had a baby boy with heart problems which had to be corrected with major heart surgery. This was a really stressful time but I managed to stay strong throughout the process. but then BAM it hit me 3 months later when everything was fine an my son was healthy. I'm still on zoloft and have bad days. I just wish it would go away because I HAVE NOTHING TO PANIC ABOUT!
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  • Gareth Hobbs


    Located in Albany and Mt Barker in Western Australia, Brief Intervention Counselling (BIC) provides confidential, affordable and time limited psychological interventions for depression, anxiety and … View Profile

    I am glad to hear that your son is ok!

    Sometimes, understandably, people fear a recurrence of a traumatic experience, or even the recurrence of another panic attack.

    If it is ok, I would like to answer this question by providing reading material and other resources.

    This handout will provide you with information about acute stress and posttraumatic stress, including treatment options:

    This chapter, called Coping with Panic Attacks, contains some useful information:

    This audio recording is me running through a progressive muscle relaxation exercise. I suspect you will find this exercise very helpful:

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