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    Why don't antidepressants work for me anymore?

    I was on Lexapro for 5 years. It worked really well for me. So well in fact that I stupidly decided I didn't need it anymore. I quit cold turkey. For about 2 weeks I encountered a living hell. It was so awful I decided to get back on the Lexapro. It pulled me out of the hell, but I wasn't the same as before. Since then I've been on 13 different kinds of medication. SSRIs, SNRIs, even an anticonvulsant. It's been 4 years since I quit the Lexapro, and nothing else has worked since. I've been off of medication for about 8 months now because there's no point in being on anything if it doesn't work. I'm wondering what happened. I'm scared I screwed my brain up. I'm afraid ill never feel the happiness I felt when I was originally on the Lexapro. I wonder if I try the Lexapro again, maybe it will work again after all this time..?
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    I think that matching the “right” antidepressant to the “right” person is often a matter of trial and error.

    Eg, the first antidepressant that I was on was, for me, worse than useless (bad suicidal ideation) but what I am on now is, for me, great.

    I suggest that you have a chat with your prescribing doctor about going back onto Lexapro.

    I know of no good pharmacological reasons to suggest that, if it was effective for you in the past, it won't be effective for you now.

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