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    What is the best exercise to do post pregnancy

    I'm looking to get fit again post pregnancy (and c section). What is the best exercise to do?
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  • John Stevens

    Exercise Physiologist

    John is an exercise physiologist and owner of Kinetic Medicine, an Exercise Physiology practice with 5 clinics on the NSW Mid North Coast. John is … View Profile

    There are many good options for post-partum exercise, of which there are possibly to many to detail here, but regardless of what you do you should take some considerations into account before you commence any regime.

    The primary concern around any woman that has given birth, either via caesarean or vaginally, should be regarding the pelvic floor. The stress which this set of muscles is placed under during pregnancy delivery means that they are in a weakened state which can be exacerbated by exercise that changes abdominal pressure (eg. any exercise that involves trunk flexion like a sit up, or exercises that may induce breath holding like lifting of heavy weights). As such it is of great importance to check in a with a women's health physio to make sure your pelvic floor is in good condition. Following this an appropriate exercise program designed by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist would be the next best step.

    The main other concern regarding exercise post pregnancy is that most women feel the pressure to take action in changing their appearance and want an immediate outcome, which is neither safe nor sustainable. Exercise regimes must take into account current levels of fitness and gradually increase in a way that makes any beneficial changes that occur as a result sustainable.

    Other than that, make sure to do the things you enjoy and enjoy being a parent!

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