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    What foot conditions are diabetics at risk of?

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    Jacqueline Kan

    Podiatrist (General)

    Cheltenham Podiatry offers excellence in all areas of footcare.From corns, callouses, fungal nails to sports injuries, Diabetic foot care, ingrown nails and orthotics. Full gait … View Profile

    Well there is a pretty long list but is dependant on several variables. The main concern is the blood sugar levels. If these are poorly controlled the diabetic is at greater risk of foot complaints. Their are three main areas or physiological changes that can take place with poor blood sugar control. These are increased  risk of arterial blockages in the leg(reduced circulation), peripheral neuropathy(eg numbness) and joint arthropathies(joint changes). In combination ,these changes can lead to serious  and catastrophic conditions in the foot, from ulcers to gangrene to amputation in worst case scenario. A simple corns and callouses can become infected(bacteria)  and lead to  cellulitis.Diabetics are often more prone to infections, so tinea pedis in skin and nails is  also common. It is highly reccomended to prevent these conditions .All diabetics should attend a podiatrist regularly, the podiatrist can also carry out an annual diabetic foot assesment , assesing for any of those physiological changes and report back to G.P. and Diabetic specialist. This helps in the overall patient management and aids in preventing diabetic foot complications as discussed above

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