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    How do ingrown toenails form?

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    Jacqueline Kan

    Podiatrist (General)

    Cheltenham Podiatry offers excellence in all areas of footcare.From corns, callouses, fungal nails to sports injuries, Diabetic foot care, ingrown nails and orthotics. Full gait … View Profile

    Several possible causes. 1. A change in shape of the nail due to trauma(sides of the nail become involuted)
                                                   2. Incorrect nail cutting
                                                   3. Poor footwear
                                                   4.Involuted nail edges(sides of the nail grow in a curly fashion)
    Any one or more of these causes the nail edge to cut the skin, bacterial infection sets in,can lead to pus and inflammation and severe pain.

  • Dr Andrew Knox

    Podiatric Surgeon, Podiatrist (General)

    Dr. Andrew Knox is one of the most-highly qualified foot specialists in Australia, holding both a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine and a Doctorate of Clinical … View Profile

    Good summary article here:

    Best wishes

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    Dr Abanoub Tawdrous

    Podiatrist (General)

    Dr Abanoub Tawdrous is a Specialists of the Foot and Lower Limb. Offering evidence-based treatment for clients and focus on a patient-centred approach. The main … View Profile

    An ingrown toenail can be painful and in worse cases become infected without the appropriate treatment. This condition can occur on any of the toes in which it is most commonly seen on the big toe on either side cause inflammation and/or infection. Another common cause of developing this condition is from the incorrect cutting of the nail, trauma caused to the nail or altered biomechanics which simply means a change in the structure of your foot that causes more force through certain parts of the foot that can cause an excessive build-up in hard skin or nail deformation. If you’re experiencing pain in any of your toes or noticed something is not right when you’re walking or running, it may be worth having your local Podiatrist to have a look at it to see what they can do for you in regards to its treatment.

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