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    I'm scared I'll suffer the same fate as my mum

    My earliest memories of my mum are of her coming into my room in the morning to wake me up for school with her loving hugs. Always a coffee and cigarette in hand. Besides for the past 10 years, my mum smoked everyday for as long as I can remember. Both her parents smoked and her mum passed away from COPD - which didn't stop her cigarette addiction.

    My mum’s decision to stop smoking came after she noticed a pack of ciggies in my bag. A subsequent visit a few days later to her doctor confirmed she had COPD. She threw out every pack in the house (as did I) and that was that. For 8 years she kept her COPD under control through regular walking and medication but then the bomb hit. After coughing up blood, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Months later they found a lesion on her brain. After a long 2 year battle with many ups and downs, my brave mum passed away. The grief is still raw.

    I pray I don't suffer the same fate from years of passive & “social” smoking.
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