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    Crohns and diet

    I have dealt with crohn's for many years now. I was diagnosed at 19. Always in pain, currently in a flare-up, and now back on steriods. I try meditating every now & then. Can anyone give me some tips? HELP please? I'm really missing alot of life functions! Is there any particular diets that helps anyone?
    • Zara
    • Kathy Howson
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    HealthShare Member

    I'd love to hear any suggestions! I'm still looking too.

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    Kathy Howson

    HealthShare Member

    When your disease is active there are probably things you might be best avoiding, ie anything with skins, nuts or high fibre, ie multigrain bread. Onions and garlic can be a problem also fatty foods.

    Keep a diary of the time you eat, what it is, then time you have pain, nausea etc and also bowel motions and describe them - it should give you an idea of what foods may be upsetting you.

    Also worth asking for a referral to see a dietician - either GP or GI can do this. Sometimes we are not getting sufficient vitamins, minerals and other things from our food due to problems with absorption.

    Let me know if you want any further information - someone who has lived with Crohns for many years


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