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    How can drinking water improve the appearance of skin?

    I have heard and read online that one of the tips to having better looking skin is to drink lots of water. Is this true and how does it help?
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  • Kristen Ross

    Counsellor, Kinesiologist

    Kristen Ross is a qualified Kinesiologist, Counsellor and Sports Therapist.Affinity Wellness is her holistic wellness practice offering a holistic wellness experience by focusing on all … View Profile

    Water is one of the most basic necessities of life (not just skin health), it is needed for our day to day survival yet hardly acknowledged as the most important aspect involved in maintaining human life.
    Water is essential for good health, aiding us in maintaining good immunity and high energy levels and for those of us who need even better reasons … it is also essential for glowing skin, weight loss and control of cellulite.
    It is estimated that 90% of us are chronically dehydrated and this can be seen part in the overwhelming load we are putting on the health care system.
    Tiredness, headaches, dry skin, low immunity, cellulite, indigestion and weight gain are all problems that can be caused by not having enough water on a daily basis. Our bodies are 75 per cent water, but if this level drops by just 2 per cent then we become dehydrated. As soon as this happens, our bodies slow down and begin to operate less efficiently. Drinking the recommended amount of 2 litres of water a day can really change your life.  

    It's not just the quantity of water that you are drinking that will affect your health but the quality is just as important, whilst we are very lucky to have water that is free from contaminants and bacteria drinking tap water also comes at the cost of a number of uneccesary additives which when built up in the body can become toxic and cause a great number of problems.

    Affinity Wellness is a distributer for ‘Waters’ Water filters, if you are interested in a high quality filter that can remove chemical, heavy metal, nitrate, flouride and bacterial contaminants from your water whilst alkalising and magnetising water for optimum absorption see our website or email us on for a free brochure. 

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