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    Will my sex drive be impacted by aging?

    I’m 55 and concerned with how the aging process affect my sex drive and sex life?
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    This is an interesting question and one worth considering.  During the process of aging the mitochondria or power source in your cells starts to slow down in function.  These power source cells are concentrated in the heart, muscle and brain.  What science has shown is that commonly the first signs of aging are mental fatigue (brain fog), a lowering of physical vitality and a lower libido.  

    The important factor is assessing to what degree you may be affected by aging and at what rate will be determined by your genetic expression, and your lifestyle as well as the physical and emotional care you take of self.

    In my Chiropractic clinic I am often addressing the signs and symptoms of aging and the common theme is mental fatigue, base line energy reduction and lower libido.  In assessing a client with these symptoms a Chiropractor will look at any interference in healthy nervous system function.  We are looking to help alleviate any joints that may be restricting nerve flow through the spinal codr and to/from the brain as the additional energy the body needs to muster to function optimally over the top of interference can cause an increase in some aging symptoms.

    Recently I have become aware of specific food based vitamin supplements that have been shown in independent testing to increase mental acuity, base line energy levels and libido in 92% of cases.  If this interests you please contact me for more information.

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