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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    Are vasectomies safe for all men?

    Are there any men who SHOULDN'T have vasectomy?
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    Dr Tony Gianduzzo is a leader in development and delivery of urological services, and has now introduced Robotic-assisted Transperineal Prostatic Biopsy to the state. His … View Profile

    Vasectomy it is generally a very safe procedure, but life can be full of twists and turns. Many who seek reversal of vasectomy generally do after a previous failed relationship. Sometimes a couple can simply change their mind after some years. Sometimes a tragedy with a child or partner has occurred. Young men shouldn't have a vasectomy.

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    Dr Simon Wilson

    GP (General Practitioner)

    procedural general practitioner in northern outer melbourne who provides a direct access vasectomy service. Providing a vasectomy service to men in Preston, Reservoir, Bundoora, Epping, … View Profile

    Men need to be confident that they have completed their need for fertility.  Vasectomy reversal is availble but can vary from 70% success rates to less than 20% if there has been more than five years from the vasectomy, or one of the types of vasectomy that removes and scars more vas tube was used.  Direct sperm retrieval from the testes is another technique that can give children to someone with a vasectomy but is expensive and requires IVF for the woman. 

    Some men should not have vasectomy under local anaesthetic such as I provide and need a specialist and general anaesthetic. This is often if there has been prior significant groin or testicular surgery with scarring and a larger or different procedure to the local anaesthetic No Scalpel Vasectomy is required.

    There are men who due to their family or religous up-bringing (roman catholic, Judaism, Islam) may have deep seated beliefs about vasectomy. They may still be quite suited to vasectomy individually but need to feel comfortable with their decision. 

    Overall vasectomy is an excellent option for nearly all men, offering permanent contraception that takes the burden off the woman who has been injected, taken tablets and given birth. She will respect the man for his decision and they will both enjoy more and better worry free sex

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