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    Is there a difference between uterine cancer and cervical cancer?

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    Dr Bhaumik Shah

    Medical Oncologist (Cancer Specialist)

    Dr Shah believes in family centered care and long consultations to put all anxieties at ease. He has trained in different illustrious institutes to obtain … View Profile

    Anatomically uterus and cervix are in continuity. In fact, cervix is considered to be a part of uterus. But the epidemiology, behavior and management of cancers of these organs are quite different. That is why they are considered to be distinct entities.

    1. Causation: Due to anatomical location and difference in tissue structure the causation of these two cancers are quite different. HPV viral infection is major cause for cervical cancer. Hormonal stimulation is major causative factor for uterine cancer. That hormonal stimulation can be from supplements or due to obesity.

    2. Presentation: The presentation of cervical cancer can be earlier in life and can be commonly during premenopausal age as well. Uterine cancer usually presents during postmenopausal age. Cervical cancer can present as abnormal pap smears. Uterine cancer doesn't have a good screening test yet.

    3. Classification and treatment modalities: The staging system for these cancers are different. Their treatment pathways are different too. The tissue subtypes of these two cancers are very different too. Cervical cancers are usually squamous cell type. Uterine cancer are usually endometrial type.

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