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    menopause- not sleeping so well

    This week I have not been sleeping very well and so as a result I have been lacking in energy, but the good thing is that it is not all the time.
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    HealthShare Member

    My insomnia is insane as well Ive never had problems sleeping and now with menopause I have black puffy eyes from lack of sleep. Ive started exercising mornings instead of afternoons and find that this helps me so I go to bed around midnight and get a good 6 hours as opposed to 3am and 3 hours sleep. My exercise is walking it really helps to calm me too.

    Good luck to you I hope you find some relief :)

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    Tracey Bouchier

    HealthShare Member


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    Louise Ormsby

    HealthShare Member

    Feel like I'm going crazy due to lack of sleep due to bad night sweats, no HRT has helped me.Help been going through this for 9 months now.


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