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    4 weeks post surgery and still in pain


    4 weeks ago I had a laporoscopy, hysteroscopy and D & C. The surgeon found severe endometriosis scattered throughout my region, especially on my ovary. The first two weeks were horrible in terms of pain. I returned to work after 3 weeks, but have been sent home twice due to the pain. I am a teacher who is constantly going up stares, moving about the room and bending down to help students. I am still in so much pain after an hour at work. Is this normal? I was told to expect to ‘resume normal activities’ after 2-3 weeks. I am fine on the couch or lightly wandering about the house. Has anyone else experienced these ‘unusually long’ pain symptoms?


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    • Kylie Jones
    • Someone someone
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  • Kylie Jones

    Health Professional

    Hi. I've had a few laparoscopies myself and have not had pain lasting for more than 2 weeks afterwards. Have you been back to see your gynae to discuss this? Were there any complications during the operation?

    I hope you get pain free soon.

  • Someone someone

    HealthShare Member

    Thanks! I have been back a few times. it has almost been six weeks and I am so much better! Although I am definiteyl not ready to run any marathons!


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