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    What causes dyslexia?

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    Jennifer Grant


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    Dyslexia is a single name for difficulty with reading and writing. However, dyslexia is not a single condition. Each form of dyslexia has a different causal pathway: phonological processing difficulties, auditory attention and processing difficulties, visual attention and processing difficulties, mismatched or impaired cognitive abilities such as working memory and processing speed. Or multiple pathways may be operating together. Dyslexia can be associated with other learning difficulties and language disorders as well as with psychological/ behavioural conditions such as ADHD. When dyslexia is present without any other difficulties, the most widely supported theory of how dyslexia affects reading and writing is known as the phonological processing impairment theory. There is a lot of information about this theory and dyslexia generally on reputable websites such as and and at parent support sites such as
    Dyslexia does tend to run in families, suggesting there is a genetic factor involved. However, the extent to which genes “cause” behaviour is the subject of considerable scholarly debate.

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