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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How do stress and anxiety affect health?

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  • Marianne has 15 years private practice experience providing psychological services to people for depression, anxiety, substance use, trauma, life changes, parenting, post natal depression, physical … View Profile

    We have a normal stress response when we're in a fear-provoking situation, and that puts our mind and body into survival mode. Our body releases a stress hormone when we're under any perceived threat, an imagined threat, or even a real threat. The body releases cortisol, and that's an excellent hormone, but if those cortisol levels are consistently too high, you only need another small incident to occur for the body to go into overload.
    The other thing that chronic cortisol also can have an effect on is blood pressure. It can also lower the immune function. That can trigger a person's tendency to be more open to catching infections, viruses that are going around, and just lead to general poor health.

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    Dianne Zebic

    Counsellor, Psychotherapist

    Dianne Zebic has retired as of 31/01/2015 View Profile

    I agree with Marianne's response above and stress and anxiety can also cause if not well managed:
    1. Strokes ( due to high blood pressure)
    2. Sleep problems and chronic tiredness
    3. Weight Gain- overeating when stressed or feeling emotionally down
    4. Depression- feel unhappy and sad as no longer enjoying life
    5. Breathing problems and tightness in chest
    6. Cause headaches-stress can cause mind to feel overloaded can lead to headaches
    7. Feel unwell- feel tired, sick and inability to concentrate
    8. Feel angry and irratable
    9. Can cause mood swings
    10. Inability to think logically
    11. Can cause short term memory problems - due to brain overload
    12. Cause low self esteem
    13, Can cause negative thinking and mood changes
    14. Can cause your heart to beat faster and cause sweating and lightheadiness
    15  Can cause a dry mouth and hard to swallow
    16. Affect your quality of life as you may avoid behaviours

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    HealthShare Member

    Anxiety is the biggest issue men are facing in this world, because of this sedentary and busy lifestyle. Its dilemmas are many for our future life and abandon us to major problems of life. I shuffled with one article which explains the problems this deadly disease have to our future life.

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