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    Is ankylosing spondylitis preventable?

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    Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a condition caused by several factors. There is a strong link to a gene called the HLA-B27 gene, though not everyone with this gene expresses the disorder (for example, 80% of children who inherit the disease from a parent with AS do not develop the condition).

    There are some environmental factors which may predetermine development of AS, including contracting certain other diseases, but these are not well enough understood as yet to be able to provide definitive answers or preventions.

    In short, we do not know enough about the condition as yet to provide blanket statements regarding its prevention or cause, but maintaining the overall health of your joints and ligaments is a good way to guard against joint disease in general. Supplements such as fish oil and glucosamine are known to improve and promote joint health, with some other bonus positive effects!

    I hope this provided at least a little help.

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