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    If there was something wrong why did my doctor not pick it up before I had the still birth?

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  • Dr Philip Lovitt

    Chiropractor, Homeopath, Naturopath

    Chiropractor, naturopath, homeopath specializing in restorative health from Sports injuries to immune System dysyfunction, from young to senior with 37 years experience. View Profile

    Many reasons for stillbirth that doesn't necessarily show on a routine check, until alteration of heat beat or lack of movement as two good indicators of something wrong. Causes  further investigation. Examples are disease( viral and bacterial) Rhesus bfactor, blood pressure ecclampsia, diabetes and genetic.

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    Dr Gary Sykes


    Dr Gary Sykes is a graduate Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B, B.S.) from Sydney University. He commenced his initial postgraduate training at … View Profile

    Most stillbirths occur suddenly and without any warning.

    Yes there can be background health conditions (including preeclampsia, intrauterine foetal growth retardation, insulin dependent diabetes) which predispose but there is usually with such background conditions there is intensive foetal monitored with a decision to end the pregnancy, irrespective of duration, if it is apparent that continuation of the pregnancy  is  too dangerous for the baby or for the mother.

    But most still births this is not the case. I find that it is an umbilical cord accident that causes most still births. This of it like a kinking of the garden hose. When this happened the water stops flowing immediately even though the moment before the kinking there was no problem. So it is with umbilical cord kinking (called a cord accident) and as a consequence the baby’s oxygen supply is cut off. The umbilical cord accident can often be seen at delivery, but something not.

    But I am confident it was not your doctor’s fault, as it was not your fault. And usually a stll birth has no bearing on future pregnancies.

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