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    What are common miscarriage symptoms?

    I'm 4 weeks pregnant and want to know what symptoms to look for with miscarriage? How will i know if ive had one?
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    Bleeding is the most common symptom that something is not right. Approximately 30 to 50% of women with significant bleeding will progress to miscarriage (Better Health Channel) 
    Types of miscarriage
    Spontaneous abortion – may fall into one of the below sub categories

    • Complete abortion: All of the products of conception exit the body
    • Incomplete abortion: Only some of the products of conception exit the body
    • Inevitable abortion: The symptoms cannot be stopped, and a miscarriage will happen
    • Infected (septic) abortion: The lining of the womb, or uterus, and any remaining products of conception become infected
    • Missed abortion: The pregnancy is lost and the products of conception do not exit the body
    Blighted Ovum - this occurs when a pregnancy sac is formed but there is no developing baby within the sac. This is diagnosed by ultrasound, usually after some bleeding
    Ectopic Pregnancy – When the pregnancy develops in the fallopian tubes.

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