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  • Q&A with Australian Health Practitioners

    How can I prevent Insomnia?

    What lifestyle changes can i make to prevent insomnia if any?
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    Insomnia usually starts during a stressful or busy period, when arousal, vigilance and anxiety can be high, hence making sleeping difficult.  Usually when the stressful/busy period settles down, the sleep should improve again. However, with chronic insomnia even when the stressful/busy events are over there are habits that have formed that keep the insomnia going. So, one of the most important lifestyle issues to keep in mind is having ways to ‘de-stress’, particularly if chronic insomnia develops and you become stressed by sleep itself (or the thought of not sleeping well).  It is important to have ways of being able to bring your active mind down to a level that is compatible with sleep.  This can be achieved via meditation, exercise, yoga and also includes managing your life to ensure plenty of rest, or ‘down’ time. Other lifestyle behaviours include having minimal caffeine and alcohol, regular routines, plenty of sunlight and good nutrition. If you have concerns about insomnia please talk to your GP who can refer you to a specialist in the sleep field.  Click here for more information on Insomnia.

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