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    Cutting out gluten, did it help?

    Hi all I have been struggling with my health for several years now.  Have been through all the testing for Coeliac (my youngest son tested positive for it), I was given the all clear but exhibit all the textbook signs of the disease (so was suggested I have gluten intolerance) and I do have the gene.  I am currently doing another gluten challenge to see if I have since developed coeliac in the last year.  I have also been diagnosed with fructose intolerance and without having been tested I can say I have dairy issues.  I am also vegetarian and have IBS, yes food and I are good friends!  I did cut out gluten for most of this year but saw very little difference in my energy (I am fatigued most of the time) but I have been finding during my gluten challenge that my bowel is worse and my brain is far foggier but I am wondering if anyone else has a similar experience and I'm still eating dairy so am wondering whether this is contributing to the fatigue.  I did also go on a very strict diet for 6 weeks last year (as a dietician thought I had natural chemical food sensitivity but I saw no improvement on this diet either and decided I couldn't live on the diet anyway).

    Would appreciate hearing if anyone else is struggling with these kinds of issues?

    • Rochelle @team healthshare
    • Alice Black
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  • Rochelle @team healthshare

    HealthShare Member

    We just had blood test done on my 6 year old and we think there could be coeliac. I would not be surprised at all. He also has issues with dairy and the other thing is egg whites. Not sure if that could work for you. I know there is a a site called by a lady called Sue Dengate. She has written books and designed the food elimination test for Westmead hospital.

    I am just about to start the investigation processwith coeliac so I am also interested to hear from others. I was under the impression that the only way you can really be sure you have coeliac is if you have a scope. Is that how you found out your son had coeliac??

  • Alice Black

    HealthShare Member

    Yeah I haven't tried cutting out egg (could be an issue being vegetarian). 

    Yes unfortunately the only way they will say conclusively that its coeliac is by doing the gastro-scope and yes I had to have one as did my son.  It was quite traumatic with my son as he was only 18 months and woke up during the procedure so yeah quite a difficult thing to go through.

    I hope they work out what's going on with your 6 year old, its so hard not knowing what's causing them to be unwell.


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