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    Healthy eating suggestions for menopause

    The following suggestions may assist with managing weight, decreasing hot flushes, balancing mood, and preventing osteoporosis, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease:Have plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole grains to manage weight and reduce your risk of heart diseaseDrink six to eight glasses of water dailyDecrease caffeine intake (coffee, tea, cola, chocolate) as it can be a trigger for hot flushesLimit alcohol to one to two standard glasses, or less, per day is it can also trigger hot flushesEat high-calcium, low-fat dairy foods to reduce your risk of osteoporosisInclude lean meats and fish in your diet to manage weight and reduce your risk of heart diseasePhytoestrogens (plant oestrogens) may reduce cholesterol and blood pressure risk. Good sources include soy and linseed bread, soy beans, tofu, whole grains and legumes.

    Information from Jean Hailes menopause fact sheet on menopause.
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    • Tracey Bouchier
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  • Tracey Bouchier

    HealthShare Member

    Leafy green vegtables are good for you because they have plant oestrogens in them. But I have not had any.


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