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    Acne and lactose intollerance

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    i have suffered this from age13 or 14. i am 41 now. today i have abcists or lumps behind my ears and in my earlobes. these have died down by omitting milk in coffee.

    i understand i was born lactose intolerent. i had a probbie with milk and needed goats milk. i have noticed when i add milk to my coffee these abcists grow. my thought is that coffee being a stimulant opens pores or ducts or somethimg in the gut or colon dunno. if i eat chocolate occasionaly i tend to binge on this then i get acne even today. so i limit my intake.and i am ok at the mo. i had a serious problem with abcists and the quacks put me on roacutanic crap which had and has bad effects body wise systemically. coffee i love & drink it black no sugar  keeps me jittery peeked out or atleast awake in a comatose kind of way any way hope this can help some one who is suffering acne. if your kidd or teens have it look out for things that stimulate various organs, and avoid them. if its dairy produce its in many products so easy said than done.

    good luck all catch ya on a rebound.  
    • mark evans
    • Arlene Normand
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  • mark evans

    HealthShare Member

    i avoid milk as best i can hot water in my cerial for one. but i do love yogurt and cheese. in do have this from time to time. but chocolate does give me acne simply does. coffee with milk will and i mean will cause those abcists i spoke of to flare.

  • Arlene is a registered practising dietitian, with a private practice in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, and has built a strong business over the last … View Profile

    You can often tolerate yoghurt and mature cheddar cheese in limited amounts as most of the lactose has been broken down.  Lactose in small amounts when eaten with other foods might be tolerated - you have to test your own body, as this tolerance is highly individual.


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