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    Best treatments for psoriasis on elbows?

    I tend to get psoriasis on my elbows when I have heightened stress. Does anyone else have feel it is more severe during times of stress? And what have you found the most effective treatment?
    • Someone someone
    • Paul Vanderloos
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    Someone someone

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Cara,

    I suffer from psoriasis now again.   The big triggers for me are stress, poor diet or too much boozing.  Although no cure for it there is lots of treatments that can allow you manage it effectively.  You can purchase coal tar treatments over the counter at chemists for mild cases.  For more severe cases steroid creams are available on prescription.  What I find really helps me control mine is exposure to UV light by either sunbathing or by using a sunbed.  Although the use of sun beds is somewhat controversial, my dermatologist actually recommended that I use a sunbed once a week.  This has had a massive success rate for myself and I have stayed psoriasis free since using sunbeds

  • Paul Vanderloos

    HealthShare Member

    I inherited my psoriases from my father, and it mainly affects my elbows and knees, and sometimes on ankles and some other areas. I was quite bad when young but now it doesn't bother me too much. It is worse in winter and when I am stressed. I will use Sorbolene cream on it now and then, and have used the coal tar and creams prescribed by doctors in the past. Sunshine certainly does help relieve it, while cold and dry weather will make it worse.


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