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    Two of my sons are G6PD deficient

    I have three sons. Two of which have G6PD Def. My eldest son has a severe deficiency of 0.3, my other son and myself are 2.6. My sister also has it. We are lucky in the sense that we were aware of it on our family so I had my kids tested at birth. Would love to know if there are any other Australians out there G6PD. I have learnt lots along th way about what to do and avoid.
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    • Michelle Gilchrist
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  • Michelle Gilchrist

    HealthShare Member

    Hi! My 17mth old son has G6PD which we found out a few days after his birth when he developed jaundice - likely due to the vitamin k shot given at birth.  There's so much conflicting information out there not much of which is sourced from Australia.  We really haven't had any issues so far but would be interested to talk about what you have learned!


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