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    I just need to let off steam and talk about what I am going through......

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    My partner who has suffered from anxiety depression with some attacks of bi polar for many years drives me mad. I'm currently being treated for anxiety and depression and seeing a psychiatrist (who cares how its spelt) He continually needs to know what i'm doing and where i've been indetail why i was so long etc I'm sure he gets mixed up with time as he is always tired, I think he doses off while i'm talking doesn't seem to be on my wave length, only on his politics and depression sites.If I ask for support he takes 3 valiums and goes to bed if its anything slightly different. He is very isolated at home. There i've made a comment didn't think i would
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    • April Dunow
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  • April Dunow

    HealthShare Member

    I wasn't sure what state you were in but I recommend contacting somebody like Carers SA about your situation for respite or other assistance. Wellways is an education program run by Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria which I believe is available in most states - go to their website to check this out. The program is for carers of people with a mental illness and I did it in SA - one of the best things I did and most helpful for helping you cope.


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