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    What is a thyroid gland?

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  • A/Prof Steven Craig

    Breast Surgeon, Endocrine Surgeon, General Surgeon, Laparoscopic Surgeon

    A/Prof Craig is a respected and experience specialist surgeon, committed to providing patients in regional Australia with the highest standards of surgical care. He develops … View Profile

    The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that sits low in your neck along the front of the trachea (windpipe). It has two lobes, left and right, and is connected by a band of tissue, called the isthmus. It is responsible for secreting thyroid hormones, which act throughout the body to influence metabolism, growth and development, and body temperature. It is located near several important structures including the superior and recurrent laryngeal nerves (which control the vocal cords) and the parathyroid glands (which regulate the body’s calcium levels).

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