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    I am having a Knee replacement surgery, what is the follow up schedule?

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  • Mr Vishal Pai

    Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Vishal is a Melbourne-based orthopaedic knee surgeon dealing with all aspects of elective and trauma conditions of the knee. Common procedures he performs include anterior … View Profile

    Approximately 6-8 weeks of leave from work is required for a desk-based job.

    2 weeks

    The wound dressings will be removed and the wound will be reviewed to ensure it has healed. The sutures will be removed at this stage.

    8 weeks

    The range of motion in the knee will be assessed. It is expected that you will be able to fully straighten the knee and bend it more than ninety degrees. The requirement for strong pain relief should start to fall by this stage. A crutch may still be required for support. A special X-ray from the hip to the ankle may be performed at this stage to confirm the alignment of the knee replacement.

    12 months

    By this stage, most patients have returned to walking comfortably, which is a pain-free functional range of motion. An X-ray is performed to check that the components are still in a stable position. If things have progressed as expected, this will be the final appointment. However, questionnaires are sent out periodically to ensure there are no ongoing problems.

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