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    How can I get my teenage son to use his spacer?

    My son thinks his spacer is uncool. He takes his puffer so fast, putting his head down so no one will see him. I'm not sure whether any of the medicine is even getting in. He still has asthma symptoms when he plays sport. I worry about him having an attack on the football field.
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    • Dr Nicholas Wilsmore
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  • Dr Nicholas Wilsmore

    Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Physician

    Dr. Wilsmore in an Australian trained specialist, with International fellowship expertise in Interventional Pulmonology. Nick has unique expertise in the interventional diagnosis and management of … View Profile

    The most important aspect of asthma management is to ensure that your son is on an appropriate preventer medication for his asthma, and that he is taking the medication regularly, as prescribed. Over-reliance on reliever medication, and poor adherance to preventer medication is a common problem with asthma sufferers, and needs to be addressed through appropriate education. You are correct in being concerned also about poor inhaler technique, and the necessity to use a spacer with metered dose inhaler (MDI) type medications. Whilst MDI use with spacers is superior to dry powder inhalers (DPI) in terms of lung deposition of medication, this is irrelevant if the desire to avoid spacer usage prevents appropriate usage of the prescribed medication. In that event, i would suggest discussing with your son and doctor about the potential to switch to DPI devices. These do not require a spacer, are easy to use, and more portable as a result. 


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