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    Whats tests to be done if we have 2 recurrent miscarriages?

    I am 29 years old and I had two pregnancies in row ended up in miscarriage. First One being blighted Ovum and for the second ,had a good fetal heart beat at 7weeks(138rpm).But had spotting on and off from week 8.Suddenly week 10 and 5days ,had two days dark red spotting and 3rd day ended up in a miscarriage. Had D&C for both the time. I had my thyroid level checked after my first pregnancy and it was normal.Would like to know what others tests i should do to know what's wrong and how may months gap i should have before planning for my next pregnancy.
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    The commonest identifiable cause of early miscarriage is an abnormality of the embryo.  About 70% of these miscarriages are associated with chromosomal abnormalities which may derive from either parent during cell division; they may also arise spontaneously as an unexplained mutation during the period  prior to implantation. If several early miscarriages of identical pattern occur, chromosomal testing would be indicated.   Blighted ovum, also known as anembyronic pregnancy, however, is a different condition.  In these cases the amniotic sac is found not to contain an embryo on ultrasound examination.  It is not clear whether these pregnancies derive from failure of the inner cell mass to form an embryo during early development, or some catastrophe befalls the early embryo during development, following which it is reabsorbed by the body.  It is estimated that between 10% and 15% of confirmed pregnancies end in miscarriage, and the most common time for it to occur is between 8 and 13 weeks.  As your two events are not the same, it would not be unrealistic to try again and expect a normal outcome. There is no optimum time to leave before trying again if you are in good health.

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