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    Crohn's and Peripheral Neuropathy

    I was diagnosed with Crohn's and Peripheral Neuropathy well over twenty years ago. While I've done my time in a wheelchair thanks to PN, I have been relatively lucky in regards to CD: I've had pain, cramps & diarrhea - along with a host of other issues - but I haven't had to any major surgeries.
    Lately it seems like my luck is running out, or catching up… Happy to share with others… let's reach out to each other. I live in Terry Hills, Sydney.
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    • ozflower
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    HealthShare Member

    Interesting; I picked up on the peripheral neuropothay because I have also had this and Crohn's for many years and have not come across another with the same set of problems before.
    I have been chugging along quite happily for the last 20 years (most of them on imuran then mercaptopurine) without any surgeries and now find myself in some trouble.
    Went into emergency last week with suspected appendicitis which turned out to be Crohn's in my appendix.  I still haven't had any surgery and am home at the moment, but, once again on prednisone and trying to stay off the merry-go-round of Flagyl = diarrhoea + neuropathy = Crohn's flare = prednisone.  
    I am in Far Northern NSW, beautiful part of the world but a bit isolated when one is not 100%


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