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    How do I improve my balance as an older adult?

    Yes, our balance will improve with balance exercises, but how much of it is because our balance has actually improved and how much because we THINK it's improved?
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    • Dana Rader
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    Dana Rader

    Exercise Physiologist

    Dana Rader is the owner operator of GYROTONIC® Melbourne. As an exercise physiologist she is passionate about the health benefits of exercise. Dana has been … View Profile

    Maintaining balance as well as mobility is essential as we age and will enable us to live an active lifestyle. Movement methodologies such as Pilates, Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis, Yoga, Tai Chi can contribute to improved balance. There are simple exercises one can practice at home as well to improve balance, practicing standing on one leg and than the other next to your kitchen bench, you make this harder by using an unstable surface such as a cushion under your foot. 


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