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    Addicted to pain killers..?

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    My friend who was in surgery a few months ago was prescribed a strong pain killer. She was told to use it as needed and ween off of it when possible, but I have noticed that she continues taking it as she says it makes her feel better. The doctor is not aware of this but I highly suspect she has become addicted to the drug. What do I do?
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    Dr Peter Cantwell

    Counselling Psychologist, Psychologist

    Peter Cantwell lectures in individual, couples and family therapy, and also sees individuals, couples, families and groups for non-medical psychological issues. He is a registered … View Profile

    The best action for you and your friend is to recommend that your friend go and consult the doctor. He is the only one who should advise about reduction of the drug or how to gradually face the addiction. In general, addiction is usually too much of a thing which is often quite good. Alcohol can be good. Gambling can be good. Additionally, taking painkillers can be good. When we take too much of them sometimes they are serving other purposes, like helping us to deal with anxiety, worry, or something like that. So, the best course of action would be to go back to the doctor and to ask him what the best course of action to follow is.

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