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    Is poor diet connected to stomach ulcers?

    Since the most common type of ulcer (peptic ulcer) arises in the stomach, could acid from diet be causing them? What other foods may contribute to the symptoms?
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    Gabrielle Oliphant

    Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist

    Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist - weight control; diabetes; heart disease;gastrointestinal disease; elderly - diet and exercise; sport nutrition;children's nutrition and activity levels. HEAL facilitator program commencing 15/8/14 View Profile

    Diet does not cause ulcers.  Ulcers occur when the lining of the stomach or intestine gets damaged and cause pain.  The stomach has a naturally acidic environment due to the presence of hydrochloric acid which is essential for digestion.  Acid from the diet does not make the stomach more acidic.

    Dietary management of ulcers include:

    • regular small meals and snacks to buffer the acidic environment
    • limiting foods/fluids that enhance more acid production e.g. alcohol and caffeine
    • limiting spices which may cause symptoms

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