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    Pain in the sole of my foot

    Hi, well I like all people usually love the boxing day sales up till now.  When shopping I recently was out a lot longer then anticipated  time and was wearing the thongs, (flip flops) after walking around for nearly 5 hours on a hard surface my feet were aching, but more particularly one foot.  The next day it was quite sore to walk on. It felt a little better with socks and runners, so I wore these for the day.  At the end of the day, my foot was just as sore as the day before.   Now today, ive woken up this morning and have been barely able to weight bare.  The pain is in the sole of one foot at the back near the  heal.. when Im walking I can feel what I would describe as a spongey type feel (or sound even) its hard to explain as I think its more what im feeling more then a noise, at first I thought I had some type of paper tape stuck to my foot  then I realised its the feel of my foot  inside , like sponge squishing when weight bearing on it..  Ive read about problems that exist with feet, but would like to know on others thoughts.. and whats the best things to do for the pain , so forth… Im seeing a doctor later this week so wont know much more till then.
    • Neil Synnott
    • Dr Greg Sher
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  • Neil Synnott

    Exercise Physiologist, Physiotherapist

    I am qualified as a PHYSIOTHERAPIST and ACCREDITED EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGIST.I primarily use the McKENZIE METHOD for assessment and management of musculoskeletal pain disorders. The McKENZIE … View Profile

    Hi faithforus,

    My name is Neil - I am a physiotherapist.

    Your foot needs to be supported most of the time - with a good solid shoe with some degree of medial (inside) arch support. Thus wearing thongs for 5+ hours and plenty of walking means specific muscles in your foot have likley been overworked.

    From what you describe, two muscles have likely been affected/ inflamed. First is the tibialis posterior - this muscle runs from your calf to the inside of your foot and helps supports the medial arch of your foot. Second is the plantar fascia - this is a band of connective tissue that runs from your heel to your forefoot which also helps to support the medial arch of your foot. Problems with these two muscles/ tissues is usually found with calf tightness.

    After you review with your doctor, I would suggest a physiotherapy assessment. This type of problem is very easily treated - with relative rest, stretching and postural taping of the foot.

    All the best in sorting your foot out!!

    Regards, Neil

  • Dr Greg Sher


    I am the Clinic Director of the Sydney Spine and Sports Clinic.At our clinic, we see an equal mix of city office workers and elite … View Profile

    I'd like to add that you should also get your low back assessed, as the nerves that supply the muscles of your leg and foot originate in the spine, and often foot pain can be a symptom of a deeper underlying problem of the spine. 


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