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    Tantruming toddler!

    Hi mums and dads out there,

    I have a 17 month old baby who has recently started throwing tantrums that can go on for 25 minutes! He screams, arches back, pulls my hair and hits me and the slightest thing can set it off (if he doesn't get his own way, can't do something and I try to help as he is very independent etc) He has a vocab that consists of about 15 words so obviously he can't express himself very well although seems to understand pretty much everything. A friend of mine said the tantrums stem from not being able to express himself properly just yet. I'm interested to hear from you all about how you deal with tantrums. What is the best approach, what works for you? And most importantly did your children have tantrums around this age or should I be worried that he is tantruming in the first place!?

    Would really appreciate a response! Thanks
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