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    How do I manage my accident prone drama queen daughter?

    I have a gorgeous daughter who is turning 8 in November. She's lovely, happy, creative, affectionate and energetic. She is also extremely accident prone and has the bruises on both knees and both shins to prove it! She hurts herself most commonly by falling over but she also runs into walls or flings her hands around, and hits them. And then bawls. Bandaids and wet face washers and cold packs are her best friends. She is such a drama queen - (she does take after her dad!). Surely after nearly 8 years of this she should be getting tougher? She told me she hurts more as she has ‘sensitive skin’ which I actually do believe - we put some commercial nit treatment on her once and she had to go to sleep with an icepack on her head after 30m in the shower as it hurt so much. She is a red head. 

    Can someone please tell me if this is normal for little girls???? And how can I envcourage her to cope better with pain. That's all! Jen
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    • Kim Hopson
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  • Kim Hopson

    Counselling Psychologist, Psychologist

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    Hi Jen,
    Your daughter sounds delightful as you describe her; lovely, happy, creative, affectionate and energetic. However, accident prone which can be distressing for her and for you to witness. You didn't mention how long this has been going on for and and how often. Was she accident  prone as a toddler as well? In which case you might expect her to have grown out of it by now. Do you notice she is more accident prone at some times rather than others?
    Since you are asking the question you think that by now she should have grown out of this and have concerns as to whether this is normal. I suggest you have her checked by a paediatrician to investigate if there are any underlying causes, check her out physically -her coordination, eyes, ears - to make sure her physical development is on track.
    Emotionally at this age there's a lot going on for her. Is she getting enough sleep? Can she focus and is she performing as expected at school? Is she a child who is impulsive, anxious, easily distracted? Is she happy in her friendships and family relationships? It might be worth asking her teacher how she is coping with school. 
    When you get the all clear from the doctor and teacher it might be worth trying some of the physical therapies to help her “be in her body.” Feldenkrais, eurythmy and yoga maybe a starting point, even some massage. When she is less accident prone then hopefully she will be able to develop some resilience around the pain she experiences all too frequently at the moment.
    Best wishes, Kim


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