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    Transitioning to 1 sleep

    Hi Mummies - my daughter is 1 year old and I don't know when and how to transition her to 1 sleep. She is currently on 2 sleeps and does up to 3 hours day sleep in total. Any tips welcome?
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    • Carol Higgins
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  • Carol Higgins

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Tammy

    My son is almost 16 months and sometimes he still does 2 sleeps.(although 99% of the time does 1) It's said that bubs can transition to 1 sleep anytime between 12-18 months, that 15 months is the average they do and that by 18 months they should really be on 1 as it can start to impact their night sleep if they're not. But we all know every bub is different

    I wouldn't force the issue though. I basically knew my son was ready for 1 sleep when I saw he was sleeping less and less during his morning sleep and becoming more difficult to put to sleep at that time too. So one day I just kept him up until 12 and then put him down and he was perfect.

    If your daughter is still happy to go down for her morning nap and afternoon nap and its not impacting her night sleep then let her enjoy her sleep for a while longer.


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