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    Interested in talking to other parents of down syndrome children?

    Hi, I am the mother of a 7 year old DS boy and would love to talk to other parents with a special child. Our little boy has struggled all his life but keeps on fighting every hurdle placed before him. He is currently learning to walk and we are very proud of him. Looking forward to catching up with others facing similar challenges,

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    Hi Maree. What an exciting time it must be for you and your son! We look forward to hearing more

  • Rahnee Baz

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Maree,

    Thats great to hear your son is walking.  A month ago today I gave birth to a little boy with down syndrome, we had no idea until he was born but he is doing great and is bringing so much joy to our lives everyday.


  • Sunni Day

    HealthShare Member

    Hi there,

    I also have a baby with DS, she is now 13 months and started crawling 6 days after her 1st birthday. Like you Rahnee, we found out after birth that our little princess had Down Syndrome. As i was only 25 at the time of my pregnancy, it never even occured to me to have any testing (not that it was even offered) and being my 4th pregnancy I assumed all was quite normal. Well definately a big shock but she is doing really well and we are blessed that there are no other major health concerns. She has 3 big brothers and a step brother to look out for her and they adore her as does everyone she meets. Wouldn't change her for the world.


  • Rahnee Baz

    HealthShare Member

    Is there any advice you wish you had been given when you had a newborn with down syndrome?

  • Sunni Day

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Rahnee, well when my daughter was born i got sooo much advice and information, groups, Dr's, associations, playgroups etc…. however the one thing that a midwife told me was to enjoy my baby! ?

  • Michelle Rowe

    HealthShare Member

    Hi Sunni.

    That's great advice for Rahnee. Owen was born 6 months ago and that's exactly what I've been doing, enjoying every moment I have with him - they grow so quick!

  • Fiona

    HealthShare Member

    Time goes so fast!!!! My girl is 12 now and we are tackling the puberty issues already, including the mood swings!!!! it seems like yesterday she was such a little baby!


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