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    Does anyone have any info about dealing with fibromyalgia at work?

    Does anyone have any info about dealing with fibromyalgia at work? I would very much to share experiences with other Australians.
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    sharon saviane

    Healthshare Member


    I had an Occupational Therapist come and assess my workstation, it has been very beneficial. I have also been assessing my work and looking for different ways to achieve the same outcomes. Talking to your manager/boss and explaining your situation helps others around you understand what you are experiencing. Good luck

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  • Mon

    Healthshare Member

    I decided not to disclose and am glad of that decision. My boss knows I have some health issues and I've told him that if my issues ever impact the ability to do my job I will let him know. I work part time and have refused the opportunity to go full time because I know that my fibro would impact on the ability for me to do my job. I have benefitted from workplace assessment, but we use a third party and they can't disclose my health information to my employer. I take lots of breaks from sitting so I don't sieze up, I eat healthy and make sure I do what I can to manage my pain outside work (pool walking, meditation, being around positive people). The depression is the hardest. I am currently not managing my breakthrough pain very well and that makes me moody at work. I also work well below my actual ability. This was a decision I made and the hardest one I've ever had to, but I just can't be consistent when I'm managing staff etc. It also impacts me with depression, but most of the time I can look at how well I've become versus how bad I was and I always come out the other end of the tunnel feeling grateful that I have a job I mostly enjoy, enough time to manage my health and the blessing of a child I never thought I'd get well enough to have. Good luck!

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    Also wanted to add that fibro has a confused legal standing as a disability. In Victoria WorkSafe doesn't allow it to be viewed as a disability if it was acquired from a workplace injury. Interesting view I think as surely disability is about function not cause! Just saying as I think it's important to know where you legally stand. While orgs legally can't discriminate, you will certainly experience a change in behaviour toward you. Some of that may be good and welcome, some of it may be confusing and challenging and not necessarily be discriminatory. I have the luxury of being able to hide my fibro as I work part time and below the level of my ability, but I would have a responsibility to disclose because it would definitely impact work if I worked full time or managed staff.


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