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    I had the experience of both of my parents recovering from bowel surgery.

    I had the experience of both of my parents recovering from bowel surgery. Both of them experienced vomiting and diarrhoea.  This is an exercise I gave both of them (one in person, one over the phone as they were in different hospitals at the same time).  It is important to realise that the body goes through huge shock after this surgery and it is important to assist the body to regain it's natural rhythm

    Lying on back, curl toes under, relax air out, feel like you have a tail that anchors down to between your feet.  It is very gentle, no force. Rest the breath out - the breath depends on the bottom pelvic diaphragm for a natural rhythm.

    This helps stabalise the anal sphincter to provide a stability for the colon.  Hands clasped together then look down over your right toes (without moving your head). 

    After allowing the breath to rest out for as long as you can, then gently allow the breath to resume a slower deeper rhythm.

    Both found this useful and in particular my mother helped her stop vomiting, my father helped with his pain.

    And of note, this cannot be taken as medical advice and MAY be of assistance

    Best wishes to all recovering from bowel surgery.
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    • Rochelle @team healthshare
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  • Rochelle @team healthshare

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    This is great. I have tried it and it actually seems to relax your entire gut/abdomen area. The other thing I do while doing this is clasp my hands together with fingers intertwined and hold them right in the middle of my chest with my wrists at my chest. You then curl your toes etc as per Lou's post and squeeze hands as if there is air trapped between your hands and you cant let it out. Slowly push the right hand up, then down, then left, then right but while doing this you make sure you are not letting the air out. It is a slow and gentle movement up, down, left, right.. Let us know if you try it and what you feel


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