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    What should you do when your child is the bully, rather than the victim of bullying?

    I have a young child who seems to be over aggressive at times. Not all the times but I think he takes his frustration out on the smaller children. Any ideas whould be much appeciated !
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    • Rochelle @team healthshare
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  • Rochelle @team healthshare

    HealthShare Member

    Use discipline. You need to pre-warn the child before getting toegther with other children that there is no bullying allowed and let them know the repercussion if there is an incident. My best advice is that you have the discussion before meeting with the other kids and that you do not have any warnings . If there is an incident the repercussion is followed through on straight away. I beleive it is the warnings that give the child the false beleief that you may not act on your disciple. In other words if you dont act straight away and say this is the first warning etc they keep on pushing you to test thteir boundary of when you will react. It is easiest for you and the child to have NO warnings so they no there is ZEO tolerance. You will find they stop pretty quickly as they know they can not get away with it all. But you have to be prepared to act on your repercussion. Ie if they bully you will the party/park etc straight away. You literally have to leave with the child as soon as there is an incident. Do not give in. It works. Try and it and let us know how you go


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