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CanGuide is a crucial new service to provide medical information and guidance around medical cannabis to Australians.

CanGuide exists to provide education and support for Health Care Professionals such as Doctors and Practice Managers. It also exists to educate and guide people who may benefit from medical cannabis such as those experiencing chemotherapy-induced nausea or chronic pain; are undergoing palliative care; or are living with multiple sclerosis or epilepsy.

The field of medical cannabis is changing rapidly, both the research aspects and the legislation. It can be very confusing for people to stay up to date with current research outcomes and legal requirements in each state and territory.

The CanGuide service consists of nurses specialising in cannabinoid therapeutics who are available to discuss all aspects of medical cannabis with patients and health care professionals whether they are just considering medical cannabis for the first time or have been using this medication for a while to manage their condition.

Please note:

CanGuide is a service, operated by the non-profit professional organisation Epilepsy Action Australia, which remains independent and impartial in the provision of content and does not supply, recommend or endorse any pharmaceutical or medical professional, company, organisation or product. Information provided by CanGuide is considered general in nature and no changes to treatment or medication should be made without consultation with a medical specialist. t.

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