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North Shore Private Hospital Maternity

St Leonards NSW 2065

Let our Experienced Team guide you through your Pregnancy and Childbirth

Personalised Care in World Class Accommodation and Facilities

North Shore Private Hospital, Westbourne Street

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(02) 8425 3970


Language other than English

Bengali / Hindi

North Shore Private together with our community welcomes over 2,500 babies each year!

Our Maternity Team, led by our very experienced Clinical Manager, Stephanie Virgona and postnatal Nursing Unit Manager (NUM), Michelle Daniels, take pride in patient safety and wellness. …


  • Dr Anne MacGibbon

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    High-Risk Obstetrics, Multiple pregnancies and Medical disorders in pregnancy, Colposcopy, Bleeding disorders, Fibroids, Laparoscopic surgery and Prolapse surgery.

  • Dr Sean Seeho

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    High and low-risk pregnancies, Miscarriage, Preeclampsia, Preconception counselling, Twins, and Autoimmune disease.

  • Dr Michael van der Griend

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Pregnancy management including high risk pregnancies and infertility, Contraception, Infertility, Abnormal Pap, Smear, Menstrual Disorders.

  • Dr James Bacon

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Laparoscopic surgery, Infertility, Pre-pregnancy counselling, Antenatal care and birth, Postnatal management, Pap smears, Contraception, Menstrual disorders, HRT, Colposcopy, and Prolapse. 

  • Dr Alastair Morris

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Obstetrics and labour as well as the treatment of benign gynaecological conditions including miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, menstrual disorders, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, single incision laparoscopic procedures.

  • Prof. Jonathan Morris

    Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist

    Special Interests

    High-risk pregnancy, Pregnancy care after previous pregnancy loss, Medical disorders in pregnancy and Preterm birth.

  • Dr Michele Batey

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Medical disorders in pregnancy, Treatment of abnormal Pap smears and Infertility.

  • Dr Emma O'Shea

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Obstetrics, Colposcopy, Adolescent gynaecology, Endometriosis, Miscarriage, PCOS, Endometrial ablation, Advanced laparoscopy including laparoscopic hysterectomy, and Subtotal hysterectomy, and Menopause.

  • Dr Sophie Lynch

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Vaginal deliveries, Caesarean section deliveries, High-risk pregnancy, Gestational diabetes, Hypertension, IVF pregnancies, VBCS, Colposcopy, Abnormal pap smear, Abnormal bleeding, and Menopause.

  • Dr Robyn Lloyd

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    All aspects of Obstetric Care: Preconception Counselling, Early Pregnancy (including Early Pregnancy Loss), Antenatal Care, Delivery, Postnatal Care, Low-Risk & High-Risk Obstetric Care, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarian), ECV (External Cephalic Version). All General Gynaecological Conditions: Contraception, Abnormal Pap Smears, Menorrhagia (Heavy Bleeding), Menopause, Fibroids, Prolapse, Ovarian Pathology, Hysterectomy and Vulval Disease. 

  • Dr Christopher Smith

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Infertility and other pre-conception issues, Early pregnancy complications, Normal pregnancy and birth, Vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC), Multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets) IVF or assisted-reproductive pregnancies, Mature age pregnancies, Patients with complex obstetric histories (previous stillbirth), High risk pregnancies (gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia), Obstetric patients with medical conditions (diabetes, thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders), Abnormal Pap smears requiring colposcopy, Menstrual dysfunction and abnormal vaginal bleeding, Pelvic pain and endometriosis, Uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and fertility problems, Post-menopausal bleeding and management of menopausal symptoms, Utero-vaginal prolapse and urinary incontinence.

  • Dr Stephen Morris

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    High-risk Obstetrics, Ultrasound, Natural birth, Waterbirth, Vaginal twin birth, External cephalic version (ECV) at term.

  • Dr Rachael Hickinbotham

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

  • Dr Ujwala Parashar

    Gynaecologist · Obstetrician

    Special Interests

    Management of low and high risk & complicated pregnancies; Prolapse and incontinence (urogynaecology); Abnormal pap smears and colposcopy; and Menstrual irregularities.

  • Prof. Gilbert Burton

    Obstetrician · Urogynaecologist

    Special Interests

    High-Risk Obstetrics and Urogynaecology.

Frequently asked questions

Our Customer Relations Coordinator will be in contact via email around 20 weeks gestation to advise you on the services
available and who will be your point of contact throughout your pregnancy.

Our midwifery team are here to help you 24/7 on 02 8425 3288. They will advise you of the next action to take and guide you
through the process.

Payment to the hospital for theatre time, accommodation, pharmacy cost and other possible fees are dependent on a patient’s
level of cover with a health fund (or whether they are self-funding their stay and costs). Health fund checks will be processed for
patients who have supplied their details and if we find any issue regarding your level of cover, we will contact you immediately
with details and advice.

Yes, our Maternity Bookings Officers can assist you with this. Please phone us on 02 8425 3950. We accept Master Card, VISA,
and EFTPOS. For large amounts above a patient’s card limit a BPAY option can be arranged. PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept
personal cheques.

To avoid confusion with your booking and medical record please advise us as soon as possible on 02 8425 3950 if you have changed
any key details that were supplied with your original booking. Our Booking Officers will update the system immediately for you.

Absolutely, we would love to meet you. Maternity ward tours occur every Tuesday and Wednesday at 1pm, Thursday at 6pm
and Saturday at 1pm and 2pm. If you would like to book a tour please do so via our website under the maternity section, on the
“Home” page.

We have a Parenting package which allows a partner to stay with you, this comes at an extra cost to the patient; health funds will
not cover these costs. Unfortunately due to the unpredictable nature of delivery dates you cannot pre-book these packages in
advance. If you would like to take advantage of this package please advise the receptionist or midwife when you come in to have
your baby and they will do their very best to facilitate this if a suite is available.

Unfortunately due to the unpredictable nature of delivery dates we cannot book these in advance.

Visiting hours are 11am – 12pm, 3pm – 5pm and 6pm – 8pm.
Partners are welcome at any time during the day and overnight if staying in the Parenting Suite. Rest period is from 1pm – 3pm and
we do not allow visiting at this time, partners are still welcome.

Yes. We have classes for first time parents and also offer refresher classes. The classes offered are listed on our website. Please
book early to ensure a place at your preferred class.

When do I call to book classes?
Our welcome pack will give you detailed information about booking classes, usually between 20–22 weeks is ideal.

Please contact our Customer Service Team Member as soon as possible if you are expecting multiple births. We have a range of
classes and information especially for you so let us know early to avoid disappointment.

We estimate a 4 night stay in hospital if you have a vaginal birth and a 5 night stay if you have a caesarean section. Your doctor will
advise you if they feel it necessary to extend your stay. Self-funded patients will be refunded for any fees for accommodation they
do not utilise once the bill has been finalised. If you wish to discharge earlier than this please discuss this with the midwife caring
for you and your doctor.

For infection control and safety reasons only one partner or support person is allowed into theatre for a delivery

Yes, visitor meals can be ordered and paid for at the main front desk on ground floor reception.

We have obstetricians, paediatricians and anaesthetists on call 24/7 all year round and they will provide you with the highest level
of care. If your doctor is unavailable on the day you come in to have your baby they will have organised for a colleague to cover
their absence; please discuss this with your doctor at one of your antenatal visits.

Your antenatal card will be given to you at you first appointment with your Obstetrician. It is a record of your health history and this
pregnancy. Please carry it with you at all times and present it on admission to the Birthing Suite.

We have a ‘drop-off’ zone at the front door of reception at the Westbourne Street entrance so your partner can help you into our
foyer; however this is a 5 minute zone only. Cars must be parked legally for the duration of your stay. North Shore Private Hospital
cannot take responsibility for any fines incurred for cars parked illegally.

Valet parking is available, at a fee, between 8.00am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday

Parking for North Shore Private Hospital is available in the Wilsons multi-storey car park. Parking fees are displayed at all
entrances to the car park. Tickets are to be paid at the ticket machine located on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park prior
to exiting.
The Wilsons car park has a weekly parking ticket option which may be the best value for your partner visiting daily.

Once you are discharged from North Shore Private Hospital there are a number of appointments to attend. The main
appointments to note are the 6 week check up with your obstetrician and your paediatrician. Details for your paediatrician and any
other appointment that needs to be made will be advised during your hospital admission.

During your stay, our experienced midwives will guide you through breastfeeding. Should you require extra support after your
discharge we would encourage you to book a private appointment at our outpatient clinic ‘Helping Hands’ for any breastfeeding
and parenting concerns and advice. This service is run by our experienced mothercraft nurse and lactation consultant and is
available Mon-Fri for babies up to 12mths of age. We also offer a “Drop In” clinic at Helping Hands every Friday between 1pm and
4pm for $30, no appointment necessary.