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    Depressed ex, he can't be with me nor without me

    My ex broke up with me three months ago. He left without explaining a lot. We started talking again few day ago and he came over to my place, everything was normal and I thought we were getting back together until I asked if we are. He answered: 'No, I can't hurt you again'.

    After that, I tried to get information out of him but he was quiet most of the time. I told him to explain why is he here and why he doesn't want to be with me again but he couldn't. I then realised he is maybe struggling with depression because he told me he has a therapist. He told me that he knows he can't make me happy but doesn't know the reason why.

    I want to know how I can help him and how to be there for him without hurting myself. He also has trouble sleeping, he never found happiness. He is always tired and doesn't eat healthily. He's uninterested in most things. He finds it hard to explain his emotions. Is this common for depression? How can I help him?
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