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    Dating a depressed man and he needs space. What can I do?

    I’ve been dating this lovely man for 6 months. He's got cold feet and wanted to stay friends. He’s been saying that he likes me a lot but just can’t do relationships. He’s had very bad break-ups in the past that led him feeling suicidal. I told him I can’t be his friend because I’m emotionally attached to him. He wanted me to use time before I decide but then later admitted he needs time. When I was ready to speak to him again, he told me he’s not ready; he needs more time. It’s been over two weeks now and he said he needs more time. Ever since the break, he spiralled out of control and has had a relapse of smoking, doing drugs and drinking. He admitted that he hasn’t been himself and doesn’t want to drag me down with him. He pleaded me to stop messaging him and that he will message me when he’s ready. He also said he wants to isolate himself and does not like reaching out to people. I feel bad for triggering him and hopeless. I really care and love him but I don’t know what I can do?
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