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    My son seems angry, is it because we have separated .Is it my fault?

    Son is 4yrs old. His mum & I separated in Aug 2015...we lived together since his birth. As a prem baby & into NICU I did everything I could imagine to help him grow stronger while mummy was in recovery (3-4days) & I felt our bond was unbreakable! Dr daddy the nurses would call take notes...wet n dry..change times, skin-to-skin etc..mummy helped too once she recovered. Eventually we went home 6wks later.. Proud mum & dad.. I continued to work full time and mum stayed home. sometimes its hard for mums at home I know from id help out as much as poss...baths, feeding, changing..I loved it..wasn't a chore more a privilege..1 year passed and daughter was born (beautiful, natural & healthy)..years passed and our relationship (mum/dad) feel out of sync & insecurities set in. mum fled with the children while i was at work & i didn't see my babys for 3 whole mths. When I found them..Son said I miss u daddy & I want to go home. Did THIS IMPACT THE WAY HE SEES ME? How can I help?
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