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    Why am I gaining weight after moving to Australia?

    Hello! I've been struggling with getting control of my bodyweight and health for over a year and I'm hoping someone here can help me. I moved to Australia about a year and a half ago. I didn't change my diet (was on a low carb diet at the time and I had been for 6 months) or my active life style (running 5k 3-4 times a week). After only a few months I noticed that I didn't fit into my clothes any more, my skin and hair went dry, no energy, I felt sad and depressed. And it only got worse and worse. I tried increasing my exercise by taking my bike to and from work, cardio and strength training. I did several diets 5:2, 16:8, keto-diet, no-carb diet. Always drinking lots of water. But I only felt worse. I went back home to Norway 2 times for a short visits and when I'm there I always lose weight straight away. When I come back to Aussie I gain it again. I'm now eating a "normal" healthy, clean, rare food, organic diet, not much meat. Vitamins and minerals Why am I gaining weight??
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    My research interests include immunology and the mechanisms of amyloid formation. The latter has implications for people who are dealing with Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease … View Profile

    It might help if you talked with an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD).

    You can find an APD here; .

    An APD will be able to review what you eat here with you and maybe discuss changes with you.

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    Kirsty Woods

    Exercise Physiologist

    Hi I’m Kirsty Woods,I would like to use my experience, expertise and passion to help you reach your weight, energy and health goalsI have been … View Profile

    Other than types of food it is also important to consider other factors such as sleep, stress, sedentary activity and differences in soil/meat sources – eg: iodine and thyroid function.

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    Dana Rader

    Exercise Physiologist

    Dana Rader is the owner operator of GYROTONIC® Melbourne. As an exercise physiologist she is passionate about the health benefits of exercise. Dana has been … View Profile

    You mentioned you moved to Australia about 18 months ago, did you change careers? Are you sitting more at work now than when you lived in Norway? If you are sitting more now during the day that could be part of the problem. You need to try to exercise more during the day, lunch time take a walk or a short run, use the stairs, keep the body moving as much as you can during the day. Think about a sitting to standing desk. One of the other factors depending on where you are living in Australia is the change in climate. Our bodies burn more energy in cold climates, if you are living now where it is warm all year round your body will burn less energy naturally. When you visit Norway is it cold?


  • Dave Morris

    HealthShare Member

    Maybe you are sedentary and also there many factors that can affect your condition. You eat different products, produced in another way than before. I'm not a specialist, but maybe your lifestyle has changed in many ways so your body is facing some big changes. You can contact Placidway and get the best answer..but my opinion is that it takes a few time until you find a balance and get to live in a normal way

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