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    What is the level of pain post-surgery for breast augmentation?

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    I am a 31 year old woman considering breast augmentation for my poorly developed breasts. It was recommended that a silicone implant behind my pectoral muscles would be the best choice. However, I am worried about the level/intensity and duration of pain. Any advice?
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  • Dr Ross Farhadieh

    Plastic Surgeon (Reconstructive & Cosmetic)

    Mr Farhadieh, is a former recipient of the prestigious Surgeon Scientist Scholarship and an internationally renowned and recognised Australian trained plastic surgeon. Most recently he … View Profile

    Thank you for your question, hoepfully not much discomfort. Breast agumentation particulary for mild/moderate noticeable asymmetries is an excellent option. In considering implants, there are many issues to take into account, from the implant shape, type, shell, consistency, incision for access as well as the pocket. Here are some basic tips:

    1) All implants including saline ones have a silicone shell. 

    2)The shell can be textured scilicone, smooth silicone, or polyurethane, each offering on long term studies different rates of capsular contractures, the least with the polyurethane and the most with smooth shells, 

    3) The content: silicone Vs saline, the former is aesthetically better and the latter on studies in the 1990s and earely 2000s showed consistently less capsular contracture rates, although at least one draw back is their feel and rippling

    4) The pocket: the subpectoral pocket is known to reduce capsular contracture rates,

    5)Most common way to do this is through the an incision under the breast which is considered to be the safest way for long term capsular contractures.

    We have recenlty published chapter on this very topic in a comprehensive international plastic surgery textbook bringing together 130 of the world's best for the task.

    Farhadieh RD & Farhadi J: Breast Augmentation, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Approaches and Techniques, Wiley & Blackwell, 2015.

    I was recently also asked to write a commentary on this for an international journal of plastic surgery: Journal Plastic, Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery.

    You can find more details about breast procedures and implants on my website.

    I hope this helps. 


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