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    The Mirtazapine isnt helping with my anxiety anymore...

    Ive been on Mirtazapine for ages. Ive tried to come off it every now and then, but always seem to go back on it because the withdrawl effects are so bad. If anyone has any thoughts or help ideas on how to come off mirtazapine, that would be appreciated.

    Anyway, after being on it for afew years, last year brought many turmoils, such as r/ship breakdown, travelling overseas, which turned out to be more stressful than not, and varying levels of health problems with annoying pain.

    Since afew months ago, after returning to Australia, my anxiety was really severe, and its not quite settled down. im still on the mirtazapine, but its not really doing anything for my anxiety. I find that im constantly worrying, have this awful sense that something bad is going to happen, and no rational voice seems to be able to combat it. Its also infiltrating and focusing on my work, whenever im at work im always feeling anxious and worried that something bad is going to happen or that ill be blamed.

    I can tell myself that its just anxiety, but that doesnt make my emotional self feel any better. and its taking all the joy out of my life and making everything very grey.

    Ive tried so many things, psychothapy, which does help. talking to friends, exercising etc. but i find myself now, like im really sinking. and have been for a while, and now with another health problem to deal with, (where my anxiety worries that its never going to go away). i feel like its just tipped me over the edge and ive lost hope that things are ever going to be different. i know that when i feel like this it taints my memory of my past to seem all bad, but it makes me feel like the rest of my life is just going to be this anxious tormented struggle.
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