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Weight Watchers


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Your food, your life, your weight loss
At Weight Watchers our aim hasn’t changed over the years – it is simply to help you lose weight and learn how to keep it off. Because we believe that food is for life, for enjoyment and for good health, we have developed the ProPoints® Plan using advanced weight loss science.

How Weight Watchers works
Weight Watchers works by allocating a ProPoints value to every food and drink. This formula takes into account how key nutrients in food are processed by your body, and how satisfying different foods are. Based on your age, height, weight and gender, you’ll be given a daily ProPoints allowance and a weekly ProPoints allowance. Think of your weekly allowance as a spontaneity stash – there for treats and for whenever life throws unexpected things at you – like after work drinks. Stick within your allowance and you’ll lose weight. Simple.

Why it’s different
There’s one fundamental difference between Weight Watchers and many other weight loss programs: Weight Watchers is a lifestyle, not a diet. There are no shakes or pre-prepared meals here! Unlike diets that deny you everything, Weight Watchers is Approved by Life®. Which means you can have a glass of wine and eat the foods you love while still keeping to the program.

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